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Donations are extremely important to the Benevolent Society, without donations the charity could not survive and those it helps would not receive any assistance.

All donations, both tangible items and financial contributions are greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a donation please fill out the following form, completing the appropriate sections as outlined below.

  • Individual donations – you can make a donation as an individual tax payer and receive a Gift Aid declaration form.
  • Corporate donations – Gift Aid is no longer available on corporate donations but they are allowable in Corporation Tax Computations
  • Through a legacy in your will – you can leave a legacy in your will by way of a codicil or by making a new will. (although not binding in any way, it would be appreciated if you would notify us, simply to let us know your intentions)

  1. If you have decided to leave a Legacy in your will please tick the following as appropriate: