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Brexit Preparation Advice Pack

BREXIT preparation advice
Businesses are being advised to prepare for Brexit, and whilst the government are still working towards a Deal, it is recommended that businesses should be planning for a No Deal scenario.  BATF and the affiliated divisions are working on ways to help you to understand what this entails by commissioning specific guidance relevant to the Industry and signposting you to relevant guidance on HM government websites.

Please note this may not be an exhaustive list of what may apply to your specific product/business but is meant to act as guidance.  This information is correct and relevant at the time of publication – 16 October 2019.  

A document has been made available by HM Government which sets out in one place what will change if we leave without a deal and outlines what the Government is doing to get ready for Brexit. No-Deal Readiness Report

Important Note:

The information contained in this document is provided in utmost good faith and has been based on the best information currently available at the time of writing, but is to be relied upon at the user's own risk. No representations or warranties are made with regard to the completeness or accuracy and no liability will be accepted by the British Allied Trades Federation for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance on the information.

The sources of the specific information can be found within the documents.

The views expressed in these documents are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the British Allied Trades Federation. 

Barbara Scott Customs

Barbara Scott 
Customs Associates Ltd


No Deal would mean that we would leave the EU Single

Market in which goods currently trade without border
controls and we would leave the customs union of the
EU and Turkey.
  It would mean that all the EU
legislation which currently controls UK trade, such as the
Union Customs Code and the many free trade agreements
that the EU has negotiated with other countries, would cease
to apply and the UK will introduce its own customs and
trade legislation.

There is a lot of information on Getting Ready for
Brexit on, although the difficulty is
often trying to find what is relevant to your business. 

We hope this document will help you.

  Customs Planning

 Stephen Welfare IP

Stephen Welfare
Royds Withy King




Brexit and Intellectual Property Advice

If the UK leaves without a deal then immediately all
pan-European arrangements; regulations, customs and
law cease to have effect in the UK.  There will be
no transition period.  If the UK Government and the
EU reach an agreement, then the parties will enter into a
transition period during which the terms under which
EU law, regulations, customs etc shall cease to have effect
will be implemented, which should enable a smooth transition. 
In that event further guidance may be provided with due

This guidance note seeks to help businesses in the
jewellery and giftware industries prepare for a
No Deal Brexit in terms of their Intellectual Property rights.  

  Brexit & Intellectual Property


 Legal Image
Andrew Shipley
M&S Solicitors Limited

Brexit and the Legal Landscape

This notice has been written to help businesses to gain
an insight into how contracts and agreements that are
currently in place may be impacted and to learn more about
the legal context around trading after Brexit. 

The situation remains fluid and the guidance from both
the UK government and the EU remains uncertain in many
of the details, and the devil is very much in the detail. This
note tries to give clear pointers on certain issues I know are
of key importance to members of the Federation and to ignore
the noise that surrounds them. The note does not, though,
amount to legal advice and in this, almost more than any other
area of their work, businesses should seek their own advice.

   Brexit and the Legal Landscape 

 Jonathan Crosbie Carnet

Jonathan Crosbie Senior Documentation Officer
Birmingham Chamber of Commerce




ATA Carnets and Brexit

The Chambers of Commerce have been working
closely with HM Revenue & Customs to get as much
clarity as they can in issuing, processing and regularising
Carnets so that you can continue to ship goods
temporarily as efficiently as possible. 

The purpose of this note is to give you information on
ATA Carnet issue if there is a ‘no deal’ situation and the
UK leaves the EU at 11pm on 31st October 2019 on World
Trade Organisation terms. 

   ATA Carnets and Brexit 


 Edinburgh Assay logo


Edinburgh Assay Office







Dave Elliott
Chief Executive
Surface Engineering Association





Brexit and Hallmarking

In the last few months The Edinburgh Assay Office has
dealt with a huge increase in enquiries on the possible
impacts of Brexit from both importers and exporters. 
While it will only be possible to give definitive advice
when our post- Brexit regulatory and trading relationship
with the EU has finally crystallised, they realise that
businesses need to be able to plan.  For this reason,
they hope that the following explanation of the likely
impacts for the known possible scenarios, as they
see them, will help.

At the time of providing this advice, the final relationship
between the UK and the EU is not yet known.  For this
reason, this advice aims to set out best practice around
the possible scenarios that may or may not transpire. 
This advice pertains to hallmarks only.  Separate advice
should be sought on customs arrangements. 

  Edinburgh Assay Office Advice in the event of a No Deal Brexit.


BREASE - Brexit, Reach & Surface Engineering 

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial
Strategy (BEIS) recognises that REACH is one of the
most burdensome pieces of legislation for SMEs and
when combined with the uncertainties of BREXIT, it
has the potential to cause chaos across manufacturing
supply chains. BEIS through the BRF are supporting the
SEA to provide advice to the Surface Engineering
Sector and to limit the impact of a no-deal BREXIT.

BREASE will deliver 4 work packages: 1 – the
development of an advice pack for members, 2 – the
development of a BREASE dedicated email and web presence, 3 – a dedicated
BREASE session at our Industry Conference and
4 – BREASE stand at the Advanced Engineering Show.
All of the work packages will be completed by 31st
October 2019 and we would encourage members to
share their BREXIT, REACH and Surface Engineering
concerns with us.

  BREASE brochure

Guidance on UK product safety and metrology changes in a no deal Brexit

This document has been produced to direct you to the detailed guides that are available for businesses on specific product safety and metrology regulations in a no-deal Brexit.

You can also find specific information within this document from UL ( regarding CE marking and the changes that will apply in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Please note that you should read this information only to prepare for Brexit in a no-deal scenario.
  Product safety and metrology