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Are you interested in developing your overseas trade, looking for information on doing business overseas or entering a new market, BJGI offers via UKTI access to a wide range of Exporting To guides.

Entering a new market or doing business in a new country can be a difficult task especially if you know little about the country and their market. Exporting to is a great way to find out useful information on how to start your journey into a new market, these UKTI guides for British businesses can be accessed below.

Africa Americas asia europe Middle East Oceania

If you’re interested in doing business in these countries you can find the contact details for the UKTI country office.

UKTI works with UK based businesses to ensure their success in international markets through exports. We encourage and support overseas companies to look at the UK as the best place to set up or expand their business.

Who are UKTI

We have professional advisers around the UK and staff across more than 100 countries. Our headquarters are in London.


We are responsible for:

  • international trade and investment
  • helping UK companies achieve their potential overseas through exporting
  • encouraging investment in the UK by overseas businesses


From 2014 to 2015 our priorities will be to:

  • give more support to medium-sized businesses
  • give better support to small companies wishing to export
  • strengthen our efforts in high growth markets
  • maximise the UK’s export potential where we have a free trade agreement
  • secure export-oriented foreign direct investment
  • help to put in place the government’s long-term strategy for economic growth
  • increase our reach by working closely with more partners

Visit the UKTI website:


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