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Arnold Wills & Co Ltd

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The Arnold Wills Group:

Are the leading Designers and Manufacturers of Fashion Accessories including belts, small leather goods, braces and gifts.

Founded 65 years ago, the company quickly established a reputation for creative design and innovative production techniques backed by reliable deliveries. Arnold Willis is now the leading supplier of men’s and ladies accessories to all the major UK high street retailers and life style brands.

With a turnover of £25 million and employing over 150 staff at our Headquarters in the UK, and offices in the far east, the company has seen consistent growth in its market share over the last 3 years. This growth is a direct result of the investment we have made in innovative design so that we are able to communicate the emerging trends to the retail buying houses. 

Brands within Arnold Wills Group:

The British Belt Company hand crafts Great British Leather Goods, with a company history dating back to 1946. 
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The British Belt Company

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