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Fei Liu Fine Jewellery Ltd

Tel: 0121 233 1299


Critically acclaimed, award-winning jewellery designer Fei Liu has an undeniably unique aesthetic, celebrating the beauty of femininity while demonstrating an eye-catching use of colour and form in groundbreaking techniques. By combining his life and experiences in the West with his Chinese heritage, Fei Liu designs pieces that are not only visually creative, but that challenge preconceptions of luxury fine jewellery.

Winner of Houlden Bridal Design of the Year 2014 and shortlisted for this year’s Bridal Collection of the Year at UK Watch & Jewellery Awards, leading designer Fei Liu has won widespread international acclaim.

Originally from Chong Qin, China, Liu received his training from the School of Jewellery, Birmingham and in 2006, launched his own company, Fei Liu Fine Jewellery. Fei Liu’s  dramatic  yet  elegant  designs are  a unique  fusion of  his  Eastern heritage and  Western  design  practice.   With  a  focus  on  intricate details  and  a  celebration  of  femininity, Fei Liu creates effortlessly wearable pieces that are strong, beautiful and full of character.

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