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The Kit Heath Story

British Jewellery Designer, Kit Heath, is renowned for creating beautiful sterling silver jewellery.

Our philosophy is to create personal and enduring designs that nod to fashion yet smile at style. Jewellery is our world and we’re passionate about everything we do. Every design lovingly evolves from an inspiring idea to a stunning piece of jewellery.

The anticipation of seeing each design brought to life is what makes us get out of bed. We love our jewellery but our biggest thrill is seeing our jewellery worn everyday by you. Our customers love what we do and we hope you do too. Kit’s story has an interesting beginning. Short of a source of silver, Kit found his family’s candlesticks and before anyone knew, he had melted them down to make jewellery for his friends. His parents have only just forgiven him!

Thirty years on - and an inspiration to us all - Kit has created an international success story driven by his love of sterling silver. British jewellery designer.

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