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Dunoon logoDunoon Is a thriving family business manufacturing the highest quality Fine Bone China mugs in its factory in Stone, Staffordshire:

The heart of the British pottery industry.

Today’s Dunoon range is made up of over 1000 different mug designs which feature :

  • Iona Fleurie - New shape for 2015 featuring water coloured flowers, fresh and romantic.
  • Bute Sunny Cove - Lighthouses, fishing boats, camper vans a perfect reminder of the seaside.
  • Lomond Belgravia - Classic designs with gold strolls in the patterns.
  • Glencoe DNA - DNA is the code for life and contains instructions or Genes that determine our bodies and all living things – very detailed facts about out DNA.
  • Glencoe Atom - Carbon Atom has six protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons in 2 shells – all must know info about The Atom
  • Glencoe Brain - The Anatomy of the Brain – educational facts about our brains.
  • Cairngorm Union Jack - Large style British flag in a watercoloured design.
  • Cairngorm Splat! and Splodge! - Bright fun colours with lots of splats and splodges.