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Talented Logo MIBCityscape tote bag collection


Cityscapes is a proud design collection of Julia Gash, one of the UK’s most popular designer and entrepreneur.

The ever-growing collection fuses two of her greatest loves - art and travel - as they depict places around the world seen through her eyes. 

Drawn in a naïve style, her interest in architectural detail and the shape and character of a building is an honest, playful and unique interpretation of the world we live in. 

Her map like drawings describe the character of a specific place and within that, the individuality of a building. Striped clouds denote height and distance. Water, which is a key feature in her work, translates as a speckled blue mass. 

Her use of colour varies dependent on location with cool blues and red prevalent in northern climes and aqua blues, coral pinks and golden yellows being used for seaside and sunnier sites. A cyclist with a hat can be found in all of her prints and this little man symbolises Julia, travelling around the world through her drawings.

Tea Time tote bag collection 


Talented’s founder and chief designer Julia Gash loves a cup of tea in the afternoon and indeed the British tradition of afternoon tea is one of her favourite pastimes. Julia has created a collection of totes to celebrate this very British tradition, printed onto classic English floral printed cotton in pink and blue colourways.

She has illustrated different tea cups and given each one a different type of tea she thinks is suitable for the cup. Then she has completed a tea-making steps illustration, cheerfully disclosed her secret of making a lovely cup of tea! The last design simply screams Julia’s zeal for tea – “I LOVE TEA”. 

The collection carries Julia’s signature hand writing: irregularly and naively drawn objects in ink and brush, which communicate a simplicity and humour that is strikingly effective. It is also an honest interpretation of something she loves and that is part of her British identity.

Printed onto flat tote bags, the designs are fully showcased. The elaborate floral background makes the bag elegant and graceful. The soft fabric makes it a perfect gift for ladies or anyone who has a heart for tea!

Things I Know About Hawaii tote bag collection 


British sustainable tote bag brand, Talented has launched a stunning collection of tote bags using vintage Hawaiian themed canvas fabrics and overprinted with geeky geographical facts about this unique Pacific island.

Talented Founder and Designer Julia Gash has combined her love of travel and art to create the collection that’s full of Aloha. 

The collection includes obscure facts such as: Aloha means hello, goodbye and love, There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet, and Hawaii is where we can find the most isolated people and the biggest volcano. Julia brings a fresh, new vision, which reflects the innocence of a child learning about a foreign land and as a result the “Things I Know About Hawaii” collection captures a sense of wonder and awe.

Light and colourful, printed with exotic flora in vintage Hawaiian style the bags are then overprinted in bright white ink at the Talented eco-bag factory in England. “Things I Know About Hawaii” totes are tailored for summertime. Made of 100% cotton, the canvas bags are perfect for the beach, poolside bar or perched perfectly on a sunkissed shoulder.

made in the uk