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BJGI Membership Services

Services available from BJGI

British Jewellery & Giftware International (BJGI) provides companies with a range of services, benefits and offers, essential for companies who export or import. Below is a bullet point overview of our member services.

  • International Promotion via website and social media platforms
  • Free 30 minute International legal advice
  • Discounted Translations
  • Discounted European VAT recovery
  • Discounted overseas debt recovery
  • Discounted rates on ATA carnets (£105.00 saving)
  • Discounted freight
  • Reduced Management fees (£400.00 more to non-member)
  • Access to preferred Trade Finance Partners
  • Access to your office in China
  • Export/import helpline
  • Export/import library
  • Seminars and networking events
  • Access to a range of preferred partners related to international trade

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Click to see an overview of import services