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Translation Services

Making the Most of a Global Market Place

Extremely competitive rates negotiated for British Jewellery & Giftware International members on translation services.

One of the most important issues facing exporters is the development of their marketing strategy. How to get past the language barrier without the costs being too prohibitive is the main dilemma facing most exporters. There is no doubt about the benefits of communicating in the language of your chosen market, it may lead to a purchase decision being made in your favour, an increase in turnover or it can simply make your business more credible overseas. The main question of course, is how to achieve this?

One suggestion would be to get your website translated. Through the Internet, you can gain a global audience in an instant, however if you want to communicate effectively with your audience, you will need to address them in their own mother tongue.

Did you know, for example that web users are four times more likely to purchase from a website that communicates in their own language? Or that site stickiness is doubled when a website is translated – visitors will stay for twice as long on your web page? Even more surprising, is the fact that 43% of Internet users around the world do not speak English at all!

There are of course many options in terms of the translation of your website; you don’t have to translate the whole thing. However, translating your home page and a few key pages on your main products or services could be enough to encourage people to contact you to find out more. The image you portray by having some of your website translated shows that you are serious about international business.  Prospective customers will see this and be more likely to want to find out more.

The more visitors you have to your website, the higher the chance of doing more business. The more accessible your website is to other markets overseas, then the more visitors you will have.

If the translation of your website is not a priority right now, then there are other options available to you to fit with your marketing strategy. Why not translate your catalogue, your packaging and your business cards?  This demonstrates your commitment to communicating effectively with your target audience, and it may just give you that competitive advantage over some of your competitors.

The global market place can work very much in your favour; it is just a question of marketing your organisation in a way that will get you noticed and generate more business at the same time!

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