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Talented Good News July 2015 Bobby & Jimmy

20 July 2015

Hello Bobby and Jimmy!

Sustainable and savvy eco-bag brand, Talented has launched a collection of tote bags that’s cool for cats!

The cats in question happen to belong to Julia Gash who is the founder and head designer of Talented: a creative range of tote bags with genuine ethical and ecological provenance. Julia often refers to her two cats, Bobby and Jimmy in her blogs and they now make their debut appearance on a tote bag range she created in their honour. Inspired by woodcut prints of cats by Japanese artist Kuniyoshi, the personalities of Big Bob and Little Jim are endearing, as is Julia’s brush and ink style of illustration. 

Julia says: “Bobby and Jimmy are my two little loves. Bobby has been in my life for over four years, a rough and tough rescue cat from the PDSA who could not find a home as he was labelled bad tempered. Lots of love and patience and then the introduction of a new friend, Jimmy, has transformed him into a kind and caring cat, who is protective towards Little Jim. Born in the wild, Jimmy is a chirpy and cheerful fellow who is full of beans. He adores his big bro’ Bob and, being hand reared at the PDSA, he loves human contact and cuddles.“

She adds: “My two cats keep me sane and amused amidst the pressures of running a business and so I decided to create a collection about them. “

Julia’s prints of Bobby and Jimmy capture their two, distinctive and well-defined personalities. Whilst Bobby is serious and sedentary, Jimmy is full of joy and his perky character is communicated beautifully by someone who knows him well.

Cats have been a constant companion of art, featuring in masterpieces such as Olympia by Manet or in the many wonderful illustrations by Andy Warhol. Julia’s portraits of her own cats pay tribute to two souls that light up her life and are valued members of her family. As such, Bobby and Jimmy have quickly found fans on the other side of the world as retailers in Japan and Korea have snapped up Talented’s “The Adventures of Bobby and Jimmy” tote bag range.

The printed range of ethically made and sustainable cotton canvas tote bags is available in a cool compact tote, mini tote bag and mini zip purse. A cute little red pom-pom, which doubles up as a handy cat toy, is included in all of the Bobby and Jimmy bag range!  Priced from £10, Bobby and Jimmy say hello at the online shop from 1st September too!

Talented Good News July 2015 Bobby & Jimmy

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