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Access to Finance - Funding Circle and Merchant Money

Business loans with Funding Circle

Funding Circle connects businesses with thousands of individuals who want to lend to them. The concept is straight forward: for every business loan, there are on average 550 individual investors that provide small amounts to make up the loan. These investors lend from as little as £20 in order to earn a better return on their savings and support businesses at the same time.

This innovative approach is rapidly changing the way finance is done for businesses around the UK.

Over £45 million has been lent to businesses since launch (August 2010) to August 2012, with loans available from £5,000 to £500,000. Businesses around the UK have been using Funding Circle for a wide range of purposes, to fund anything from new asset purchases, to expansion plans, to raising further working capital.

A very straight-forward and intelligent approach – Victoria Whitbread, Director, W2 Products Ltd

 Watch this interview to hear more about Victoria’s experience with Funding Circle.

Member discount

We have negotiated a member discount with Funding Circle which ensures all BATF members will receive a preferential rate on their completion fee. To receive this discount, please quote your member number member when applying for your loan.

More on Funding Circle loans:

Funding Circle loans are flexible and simple to apply for. To find out more, please call the BATF on 0121 236 2657 or

· Business loans of £5,000 - £250,000

· Available for established Limited Companies in the UK with at least 2 years’ filed accounts with Companies House*

· Loans are typically unsecured (Director Guarantee required). Secured loans and Asset Finance loans also available for amounts over £100,000.

· Easy monthly repayments over 1,3 or 5 years, and the ability to repay early at no charge

· Highly competitive rates

· Flexible finance – borrow for anything from working capital, asset purchase, growth / expansion capital, to purchase new stock, or to cover one-off business expenses.

Applying for a Funding Circle loan

The application is a short, 4-step process and the Funding circle credit assessment team will provide you with an answer within 2 working days.

*NB all businesses are passed through Funding Circle’s credit assessment process, which looks at the credit quality and company financials. Only businesses that pass this stage will be eligible to take a Funding Circle loan.

Business Loans with Merchant Money

Merchant Money is an alternative lender, offering working capital loans to small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK. What they offer is simple – straightforward working capital with no strings attached. So whether you are thinking of expanding your business, or just need a quick cash injection to fulfil an order, Merchant Money can step in to enable you to take the strides to make your business grow.

The Merchant Money team believe that flexibility is key, so they will develop a repayment plan to suit you. And with no early settlement fees you are free to repay your loan as soon as you like.

Merchant Money moved extremely fast, provided me with a flexible solution and the money was in our account within hours.

Sam Duong, Ming.

Member discount

BATF members may receive a preferential rate when applying for funding, and unlike some of their competitors, they charge NO additional fees for the loans they offer. To find out more, please quote your BATF membership when submitting your loan application.

More on Merchant Money loans:

Merchant Money loans are fast and flexible. To find out more, call 0800 848 8480 (and quote your BATF membership number) to speak to one of their team today.

Business loans start at £1,000 and go up to £50,000

Available for established Limited Companies in the UK with at least one years audited training accounts

Loans are unsecured with a personal guarantee from directors required

Flexible monthly repayment terms, with funding for up to 24 months

There are no early settlement fees

No completion fees

Applying for a Merchant Money loan

Applying for a loan with Merchant Money is simple, and the application is no obligation. Just visit this link, fill in the three step application form, and one of Merchant Money’s specialist advisers will be in touch (please remember to quote your membership number when speaking to the adviser). The MM team will provide you with an answer within 24 hours, and if you are approved, the funds will be in your account within a couple of hours.