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Delivery, Mailing and Courier Services

Wacpack Courier Service

Receive specially discounted rates off Wacpack's incredibly competitive Tariff for international Courier, Airfreight, Road Freight and Sea Freight Services around the World.

·         China & HK - UK Specialists

·         Specialising in shipping goods for the Toy, Gift and Retail Markets

·         No Fuel Surcharges

·         Your Package delivered from as little as  £6.90 UK-UK   £17.86 USA-UK   £22.44 China-UK

·         No 3rd party delivery charges

·         London Heathrow solutions for paying deferment charges and TAX on your shipments


Contact the British Allied Trades Federation to open a Wacpack account and benefit from all their experience in Global Logistics Solutions . 0121 236 2657 or 

TNT Parcel Delivery Service
Receive 40% off TNT's standard express price list for UK and worldwide deliveries.  When opening a UK or International account, it will be rate linked to the BATF and can be open within a day, resulting in virtually instant savings.
Members can take advantage of 20% off the price of any design work, plus 10% off print prices, as well as free UK delivery (subject to, double the quoted turnaround time for that print product). Additional offers include a free disk checking service, templates and advice.

Send Marketing Solutions
Send Marketing Solutions are offering Members a complete fulfilment and mailing service for only 36p! This includes free envelopes, folding and enclosing of paperwork and mailing via second class post. This works out to be 14p less than a 2nd class stamp! Also on offer is a reduced set up fee of £20 (usually £35).

Contact your Federated Trade Association or call us on 0121 236 2657 to take advantage of these savings.