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Reclaim foreign VAT


British Allied Trades Federation Members are entitled to receive VAT Refunds on any costs incurred while doing business abroad.

BATF Members will be charged foreign VAT on any corporate travel costs in foreign countries. This VAT is treated separately from the Member’s domestic VAT returns and the refund application must be made directly to the Foreign Tax Office.

Applying for these Foreign VAT Refunds is not simple. Due to the amount of paperwork involved, lack of knowledge of the refund process, lack of knowledge as to which costs qualify for a refund, language barriers when dealing with foreign tax offices, etc most companies will outsource the process to a VAT Refund Agent. is able to secure refunds from 41 countries globally for BATF Members, who will get a preferential fee rate from for the service.

What Expenses can BATF Members claim VAT Refunds on?

VAT reclaimable expenses include:
Trade Shows / Conferences Hotel/Accommodation Telecommunications
Professional fees Restaurant / Meals Business entertaining
Training seminar Transportation costs Inter-company costs operates on a No Refund-No Fee basis. We charge a % of the total VAT refund as our fee. The industry average fee for Foreign VAT Recovery is 15% of the VAT refund value. BATF Members will be offered a preferential fee rate of 10% by

For further details or to take advantage of our other member benefits please contact BATF: 0121 236 2657