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How to join BATF

The Federation has been working tirelessly on behalf of its members for over 125 years. In this period our numbers have grown to over 2600 companies that choose to be Members of one of our five trade associations operating in the jewellery, giftware, home, surface engineering and travelgoods and accessory markets. 

Our Members tell us that the main reasons they joined BATF was to:

  1. Take advantage of our benefits and services - some are unique to our industry sectors.
  2. Use our knowledge and expertise of the industry sectors we operate in.
  3. Be a part of a larger organisation that offers help and advice, rather than stand alone.
  4. Network with other like minded individuals and organisations.
  5. Add their voice to our lobbying efforts with local, national and government bodies.
  6. Check for entitlement to funding or, help with applications for funding or, source funding.
  7. If you are a trade association you may need help with your secretariat or be looking for a home.
  8. Internationalise their business.

If you are a manufacturer/supplier, wholesaler/distributor, retailer, designer, designer maker, craftworker or other such individual or organisation and wish to join BATF, there are three ways of doing this:

To join BATF by one of the above three ways, contact us on 0121 236 2657, or, leave a message, if you have any further questions, we will do our best to help you.