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SME Export Academy Programme

27 April 2021


What do businesses achieve from the Export Academy Programme? 
Sign up here to register for our fully-funded Export Academy Programme, tailored to help businesses develop their exporting potential … 
The Export Academy programme gives small and medium businesses (SME's) the knowledge and expertise to export. Learning directly from experts in the Department for International Trade, this free course will help businesses to grow their international sales in new markets overseas. 

What do businesses gain from this programme?

Businesses will develop an export action plan they can use to begin exporting and to grow in new overseas markets. This series of educational webinars will be hosted by leading experts from the Department for International Trade.

What is included in the programme?

The Export Academy Programme includes 10 workshops: 
  • Module 1 - Overview
  • Module 2 - Basic Export Procedures
  • Module 3 - Annex - SWOT Analysis for workshop 2
  • Module 3 - International Market Research
  • Module 4 - Annex - Frankie's Furniture
  • Module 4 - Pricing and Distribution
  • Module 5 - Customs Procedures (Classification, Origin, Valuation)
  • Module 6 - Incoterms Rules
  • Module 7 - Export Controls 2
  • Module 8 - Getting Paid
Who can join?

The programme is for owners and senior managers of English SMEs in the Midlands, North and South West. In order to join this programme, businesses must be B2B operator with a product or service that  they interested in selling internationally. Please contact your Export Adviser to be registered for this programme.
More information

The Export Academy programme is fully-funded by the Department for International Trade. Our Export Academy Advisor's will help businesses get access to overseas networks and buyers, they will provide businesses with post Export Academy registration and webinar training.

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