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Webinar - Payment methods for imports and exports

17 October 2017

Friday 20th October 2017

14:00pm - 14:40pm - Panel discussion with Ian Fitz-Harris (URICA), James Bowker (UKEF) and Holger Schmidt (URICA). 

14:40pm - 15:00pm - Questions & Answers

Working on an international scale with clients from around the world can be a challenge: you don't want to ship goods or deliver services and not get paid.

Waiting 3 or more months to get paid isn't an option either when you need to cover your costs upfront and pay suppliers. 

How to secure funding for international deals and what methods of payment are available for imports and exports - these are the questions we'll cover in this webinar.

Join this webinar for an hour session to learn about:

  • Traditional payment methods for imports and exports. Why should we look for modern solutions?

  • Fintech solutions that ensure funding and certainty of payment

  • New solutions that can give you insurance protection on your international trade

Delivered to you by UK Export Finance and URICA

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