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Webinar: Introduction to Doing Business in Italy

13 December 2012

Overview on Italy’s potential for setting up business. A webinar package providing a thorough introduction to the Italian market.

SMEs will be introduced to the Italian market and will then be accompanied into the sectors and their characteristics including market entry method (i.e. agent, distributors, direct sale etc). Four webinars dedicated to the selected sectors. Each webinar will have a common introduction and advise from Barclays Bank on how to export to Italy.

SMEs will be then provided two webinars providing tangible info and top tips on how to set up business in Italy either choosing trade mode or setting up own business . SMEs eager to test market or access it within a more structured framework will be introduced to Temporary Shop and Franchising channels with one webinar session (this channel not applicable to all sectors)

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Webinar: Introduction to Doing Business in Italy

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