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Explore your Growth Potential

9 October 2013

  • Are you ready to grow?
  • Are you looking for ways to develop your business?
  • Have you ever considered export?

Incubate for Export could be for you. Successfully piloted earlier in the year this is a programme designed to help you grow your business and explore your potential for doing business overseas. The half-day workshop has been designed to help you recognise the benefits of International Trade and start your journey of growth via doing business overseas.

The Aim

The aim is to inspire, energise and enthuse delegates to consider International Trade as an integral part of their business planning and future success. The workshops are suitable for companies at whatever stage of growth they have reached and specifically designed for those with no previous export experience (the target audience could include entrepreneurs, pre-start, start-up businesses and established SMEs).


Academic research confirms that firms doing business overseas are more productive than non-exporters, achieve stronger financial performance and are more likely to stay in business.


Places onto these workshops are limited and will be subject to eligibility, to register your interest please go to:

Or download the event information here:   Explore your Growth

T: 0121 607 1775

By registering for this event you accept the following terms and conditions:

Places are free of charge, however if we do not receive at least 3 working days’ notice of cancellation in order for us to re-allocate your place to a client on the waiting list, we reserve the right to charge £50 + VAT to cover venue and catering costs.

Explore your Growth Potential

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