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BATF Silverware Competition Winner Announced

24 July 2018

Claire Malet has been selected as the winner of the BATF’s silverware competition. The brief was to design and make a piece of Sterling silverware either functional or decorative to commemorate the end of the First World War taking that ceasefire as inspiration.

Claire’s design entitled ‘Silence Fell’, features four hollow tree forms in Britannia Silver placed on a subtly carved walnut base, silver ‘seedlings’ surround the trees. The silver will be worked using chasing, repoussé and texturing techniques, with a brushed finish and burnished edges. Each seedling will be individually made.

The piece is inspired by the desolate war-landscapes painted by Paul Nash during the First World War. The war-torn trees, one for each year of the war, represent devastation and loss, but also strength, resilience and dignity; despite years of the most brutal conflict they still stand. The emergence of the seedlings is the hope for a peaceful future.

Designer, Claire Malet, commented: “In designing this piece I did not want to shy away from the horror of the war; I wanted to design a commemorative sculpture that would quietly help us remember all those who bravely endured the years of the First World War, many of whom did not return. The title refers to the silence of the guns, the silence of those who have fallen, the silence we observe during remembrance”.

BATF president, Kate Owen, commented: “Claire’s research and inspiration really captures the brief illustrating WW1 for me”.

Industry Ambassador, Lindsey Straughton, commented: “Claire has drawn a strong concept, it is a textured, delicate piece that conveys the devastation as well as the hope for the future. We received some truly captivating entries. Huge congratulations to Claire”.

BATF Chief Operating Officer, Rosina Singleton, stated: “I was impressed and delighted by the careful thought which had gone into the very varied entries for the competition, which took inspiration from different aspects of the armistice. I felt Claire’s design reflected familiar images of the WW1 battlefields as a sea of mud with shell craters and blasted tree stumps, evoking the destruction but incorporating a reference to the regeneration which followed”.

The piece will be delivered to the NAJ’s parent company BATF and will be displayed alongside other award-winning silverware from November onwards.  Images of the finished piece will be shared with the industry in due course. 

BATF Silverware Competition Winner Announced

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